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mission statement

Extending financial assistance to the students and families within the West Ada School District

Vision statement

Reaching kids, supporting families, building communities.


Project Kids began in the year 2000 by the Women’s Ministries at Valley Shepherd Church with a desire to help the children who had specific needs at the Meridian Elementary School. We wanted to make a difference in their lives. We contacted the school counselor who with the help of the school teachers identified the children in need. We served a chili luncheon to the business community and raised close to $1,000. The teachers that year requested new socks, underwear and laundry detergent for their students. This chili luncheon developed into an annual dinner and auction held at Valley Sheperd Nazarene church every fall.


In January 2014 Project Kids joined the Meridian Food Bank with the goal of reaching more businesses and community members to raise funds for our children. Our mission to help students and families aligns with the Meridian Food Banks’ mission of helping families.

In 2015 Project Kids became their own 501(c)(3), appointed an executive board and held the dinner and auction at the West Ada School District building in Meridian, ID. By becoming a standalone charity, Project Kids hopes to attract new sources of income, promote the organization to new audiences, and attract more diverse types of board members.

From the start, Project Kids has always believed the meeting the basic needs and improving the self esteem of children will help them improve in the classroom.  That is why our primary initiative will always be the unmet basic needs and homelessness of students and families.


Barry Lewis

Jenny Clark

Marian Warren

Dawn Tolan


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